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At Alinea, we take pride in being your ultimate destination for all your space transformation needs. Our comprehensive services encompass every aspect of the project delivery process, making us a true one-stop shop. With a dedicated in-house design team and an unrestricted building surveyor, we ensure seamless collaboration during the pre-planning stages, delivering compliance in all design aspects.

Throughout the pre-planning phase, our project managers and licensed builders closely cooperate with the design team. This integration allows us to incorporate efficient buildability techniques into the design, ensuring a seamless transition into the construction phase.

Choose Alinea for a streamlined and hassle-free experience, as we offer the expertise and resources to handle your project from start to finish. Let us bring your project to life with our industry-leading approach and comprehensive solutions.


We overview building inspection reports to assist in finding the right space for your business, before committing to a particular space. Think of it as carrying out a thorough building report on a new home. You wouldn’t buy a new house without carrying out a building report, and we believe it is just as important prior to committing to a particular space. Let our experienced team mitigate any unforeseen risk. Our building assessments focus on the current condition of the space including services, identifying any risk factors or areas where there may be hidden costs. These reports are carried out under the watchful eye of our qualified directors who hold accreditations as a licensed builder and unrestricted building surveyor. We also allocate budget figures for these items so you can assess whether a space is feasible & compare these risks with other potential sites.

Conceptual Design

At Alinea our conceptual design services are the heart of our creative process, where we take the seed of an idea and nurture it into a visionary concept. We believe that a strong conceptual foundation is the key to creating extraordinary spaces that inspire, captivate, and resonate with our clients and their audiences.

Unleashing Creativity:

Our conceptual design services are all about pushing the boundaries of creativity. We encourage our team of skilled designers to think beyond the conventional and embrace innovation in every project. By exploring a wide range of ideas and design approaches, we ensure that our concepts are unique, engaging, and leave a lasting impression.

Understanding Client Vision:

We understand that every client comes to us with their unique dreams and aspirations. Therefore, our first step in the conceptual design process is to actively listen and thoroughly understand our clients’ vision, objectives, and brand identity. This in-depth understanding allows us to tailor our concepts to align perfectly with their goals and requirements.

Strategic Thinking:

Conceptual design is not just about aesthetics; it’s about functionality and purpose. Our team of designers blends creativity with strategic thinking, ensuring that each concept not only looks stunning but also serves its intended purpose effectively. We believe in designing spaces that not only impress visually but also enhance productivity and user experience.

Visualization and Communication:

Bringing a concept to life is a powerful process, and we excel in it. Through advanced visualization techniques, we present our conceptual designs in a clear and compelling manner, allowing our clients to envision the end result. We believe in open communication and welcome feedback at this stage, valuing our clients’ input to further refine and enhance the concept.

Sustainability and Future-Proofing:

As responsible designers, we consider sustainability as an integral part of our conceptual design services. We aim to create spaces that not only meet present needs but also anticipate future demands. By integrating sustainable practices and adaptable design elements, we ensure that our concepts are future-proof, environmentally friendly, and economically viable.

Seamless Integration with Execution:

Our conceptual designs serve as the blueprint for the entire project, ensuring a smooth transition from imagination to execution. We work closely with our construction team to ensure that the design’s integrity is maintained throughout the construction process. This seamless integration ensures that the final result mirrors the initial vision and exceeds all expectations.

At Alinea our conceptual design services stand as a testament to our commitment to excellence, innovation, and client satisfaction. Whether it’s a commercial space, a retail outlet, or any other project, we take pride in transforming ideas into reality with remarkable conceptual design services that set new standards in the industry.

3D Visualisation

At Alinea, our 3D visualization services breathe life into proposed designs, offering a captivating visual representation of spaces yet to be built. Through advanced 3D CAD modelling, we create immersive and realistic renderings that showcase the design as a fully resolved outcome. Our real-time rendering capabilities allow clients to envision themselves inhabiting the space, gaining a comprehensive understanding of the design’s potential and impact. With our 3D modelling services, possibilities turn into vivid realities, ensuring client satisfaction and informed decision-making throughout the design process.

Design Documentation

Our design documentation skills play a pivotal role in translating visionary concepts into detailed construction plans. With meticulous attention to detail, we ensure that every proposed design element is captured and considered during the tendering stages. Our team’s deep understanding and comprehensive knowledge of construction processes enable us to seamlessly transition from concept to construction stages. By providing clear and precise documentation, we empower contractors and stakeholders to execute the design with accuracy and efficiency. With our expertise in design documentation, we guarantee that the final construction reflects the original vision, ensuring client satisfaction and project success.

Space Planning & Conceptual Development

Our design team is led by Tsolair Nazarian, the industry leader in fit-out design. Her design flair and technical knowledge is unsurpassed in the industry and her passion for all things design is carried through our entire team. Additionally, all designs are overseen by our in house building surveyor and licensed builder to ensure compli- ance and buildability from the get go.

We refine your preferred layout and provide mood boards and 3D fly-throughs along with a budget estimate in order to move through to the next stage. We refine both the de- sign and budget with no limit on the number of revisions required. Once locked in, the detailed design and estimate are provided.

  • blocking & flow plans
  • test fit preperation
  • space efficiency targets
  • space usage
  • spatial hierarchy
  • 3D flythrough & interactive presentation
  • pitch to key stakeholder for engagment
  • Australian Standards & The BCA Review

Sustainability Initiatives

At Alinea, we place a strong emphasis on sustainability by integrating workplace lifecycle extension opportunities, asset recycling, Green Star accreditation initiatives, and efficient waste management practices into our designs and construction processes.

Tender & Construction Documentation

We meticulously prepare comprehensive tender and documentation packages, ensuring a detailed roadmap for the construction process including various packages as required for the project including:

  • furniture schedules
  • finishes schedules
  • fixtures & fittings schedules
  • equipment schedules
  • existing layouts
  • demolition plans
  • floor finishes plans
  • wall finishes plans
  • joinery GA plans
  • furniture layouts
  • electrical plans
  • RCP (electrical)
  • joinery detailed drawings
  • internal elevations

Construction & Beyond

After the meticulous design phase, our team at Alinea commences on the construction stage of the fitout, turning creative concepts into tangible reality. With precision and expertise, we bring together skilled craftsmanship and cutting-edge techniques to execute the design with unwavering attention to detail. Our seamless transition from design to construction ensures that the envisioned spaces come to life, delivering exceptional commercial fitouts that inspire and elevate businesses to new heights.

Our Process

STEP 1 Pre-Planning Stage

Our building assessments focus on the current condition of the space identifying any risk factors & feasibility of the project.

STEP 2 Concept Development

Development of schematic design concept including design intent imagery, sketch plans, 3Ds & proposed finishes.

STEP 3 Design Development & Pricing

Preparation of detailed interior architectural documentation & schedules as per the approved layout & budget costings.

STEP 4 Approvals & Pre-Start

Quick turn around of building approvals with internal expertise on best practice approach to building regulations.

STEP 5 Construction

Our dedicated project manager provides takes full control of the delivery process, keeping you informed throughout.

STEP 6 Post Handover

Final catch up with client to ensure satisfactIon. Post handover debrief & project closure meeting.


The Alinea team provided an excellent end to end delivery of our new office space. They were extremely professional and demonstrated a high attention to detail.

Chris ChapmanDirector at Clickk

Working with Alinea has been an absolute pleasure. Not only are the team super responsive, but they are also deeply passionate and undeniably detail oriented. They have won us over as lifelong contractor we will engage on future projects.

Kate AgiusManaging Director | Stone & Frank

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